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Penis-like organ in female insects!

Scientists have discovered females insects of the genus Neotrogla from Brazilian caves that have an elaborate penis-like organ! 

It is the first example of sex-reversed genitalia in an animal.  The study appeared in the May 5th issue of Current Biology journal.  Read the original article ( DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2014.03.022) for more details.  The story is also covered in BBC News.

Females of Neotrogla species have a highly elaborate, large penis-like structure, termed 'gynosome'.  The gynosome is erectile and has numerous spines that fit in the male vagina-like genital chamber.  Mating lasts 2-3 days (~40-70 hrs) and during this process females suck out sperm and other, potentially nutritious, fluids from the male genital chamber via the gynosome.

;#; Neotrogla copulation (female is on top) (Source: BBC News) ;#;

;#; Neotrogla female gynosome (Source: BBC News) ;#;

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