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Elastic Brownian Ratchet Model

Actin filament-based cell motility

A summary of the findings described in Kuo and McGrath (2000) Nature paper (taken from the author's website) (Read here)

Original work by Peskin et al. (1993) in which Brownian Ratchet Model was first proposed. (Click here)

Paper by Kuo and McGrath (Nature 2000, 407:1026-1029) that discusses elastic brownian ratchet model. (Click here)

Flash movies and images (made by Dr. Kao) from his website -

  • cBRatchet_paradox.swf
  • cBRatchet_push.swf
  • cBRatchet_balls.swf
  • LStep_F2a.gif


  • OneFilam_floppy.swf
  • OneFilam_taut.swf
  • MultiFilam.swf
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