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Reviews of selected research articles

This section contains reviews/summaries/critiques of selected published research articles in broad areas of biology, including evolutionary biology, developmental biology, and genetics. Some of these evaluations are part of my F1000 reviews (see my F1000 profile here).

The reviews are arranged in a year-wise manner. Follow the links below.

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Penis-like organ in female insects!

Scientists have discovered females insects of the genus Neotrogla from Brazilian caves that have an elaborate penis-like organ! 

→

2017/04/09 03:12 · Bhagwati Gupta

In support of basic research...

Two recent articles on the topic of basic research discuss the pressure of funding and how it is forcing scientists to make exaggerated and often misleading claims.

→

2017/04/09 12:04 · Bhagwati Gupta
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