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Reviews of selected research articles

This section contains reviews/summaries/critiques of selected published research articles in broad areas of biology, including evolutionary biology, developmental biology, and genetics. Some of these evaluations are part of my F1000 reviews (see my F1000 profile here).

The reviews are arranged in a year-wise manner. Follow the links below.

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VPC competence and lin-39 in worms

Panigault and Felix, Developmental Biology, 2011, 357:428-438
In this paper authors have quantified the levels of the Homeodomain protein LIN-39 in C. elegans vulval cells. The results revealed an interesting distribution pattern, leading to an improved understanding of lin-39 function during development.

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2017/04/09 12:54 · Bhagwati Gupta

Genes promoting neuronal development

Poole et al., PLoS Genetics 2011, volume 7, e1002109 (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002109)
This paper reports first genome-wide screen for factors affecting a single neuronal fate in the nematode C. elegans.

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2017/04/09 17:30 · Bhagwati Gupta

Recombination and LD in C. elegans

Highlights of the paper - by Rockman and Kruglyak (PLoS Genetics 2009, DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000419) - on the patterns of recombination in C. elegans laboratory and wild strains.

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2017/04/09 17:46 · Bhagwati Gupta
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