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This wiki contains information about my profession and random topics of interest. First, a bit of background about myself. I am a faculty member at McMaster University, engaged in scholarly and administrative activities.

Early on, in college, I took courses in Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. Exposure to bio-related subjects during my undergraduate studies inspired me to learn more about Molecular Biology. Further motivation to pursue a career in biological sciences, specifically in the area of gene expression and regulatory networks, came from reading two books, 'What is life?' by Erwin Schrodinger and 'A Genetic Switch' by Mark Ptashne. All of these experiences influenced my Ph.D. thesis project and subsequent research activities.

My current interests lie in developmental and evolutionary genetics, neurobiology, animal behavior, reproductive system development, and aging. I have the expertise of two leading invertebrate animal models, fruit fly D. melanogaster and nematodes C. elegans and C. briggsae. ;#; fly-drosophila.jpg ;#; In addition to doing research and supervising students, I teach undergraduate and graduate courses related to my discipline. See the McMaster Biology page and my laboratory website for more details.

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